2019 Pundi X Price Prediction – Price for NPXS May Touch $0.001348

2019 Pundi X Price Prediction

Upon deploying 5,500 XPOS, Pundi (NPXS) merits as one of the successful coins against the crash in the market necessitating mass adoption. It has the inherent target of reaching out to as many people as possible which will in turn form addition of new nodes to FunctionX as was stated by the Vice President of the company, Junde Yu.pundi x Price

In 2019, the company is set to launch its own payment ecosystems including XWallet, XPASS and XPOS which would support immensely the operations of governments, payment companies as well as retailers thus allowing for fast growth of the company in the course of the year. This is in line with the plans to modernize the payment plans amidst the high inflation rates.

Ranked 42nd as per coinmarketcap, Pundi X has current circulating supply of NPXS 274,555,193,861 compared to market cap of $114,467,075. Attention from customers of the company has been captured by the introduction of a decentralized block-chain phone which was done last year.

What Is Pundi X (NPXS)?

Wokoworks started this project in 2017. A team primarily make crypto available to many people. The crypto network is built of smart crypto terminals termed X POS. The idea behind the company is to ensure that buyers are connected to a new system for making payment on services. Furthermore, whenever there is need for fiat to crypto conversion, the system will allow a seamless exchange. Although the company has partnered with institutions and organizations, the centralized and decentralized solutions of the company might prove uphill for some of the users.

Prediction of Market for 2019 Pundi X Price by Experts

The team behind Pundi include champions from crypto space. There is therefore a lot of expectations from the market based on its vision and mission as depicted by the following prediction sites:

Wallet Investor

This is one of the price prediction sites for cryptocurrencies and features in the coinmarketcap list. According to the site, an almost six times fall from the current $ 0.000674 is predicted for the company by the end of 2019.

Coin predictor

As opposed to Wallet Investor, this predictor is suggesting that Pundi X might reach the tune of $0.000955, not at the end of 2019 but during the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year.

Crypto Info Base

This website has given a range for the best and the worst case scenarios for Pundi X. In the former case, it predicts $0.0009 while on the latter, it may be $0.0005.

Trading Beasts

Reaching $0.01 is a possibility according to this site by the end of 2019 for Pundi X. the figure demonstrates a very optimistic level though.

Coin checkup

Amidst the possible scenarios which Pundi X may find itself into according to Coin Checkup, $0.0007 is the most plausible by the end of 2019. This figure is almost similar to the current state of affairs. On the higher levels of optimism, they postulate $0.0118.

Our Verdict on 2019 NPXS Price Prediction

Consisting of a very supportive community, Pundi X attained free listing on the largest exchange of the world, Binance. NXPS has, on the other hand, partnered with such big firms as Qtum, NEM, Stellar to mention but a few. Pundi X also featured the community behind the first data transfer, telephony, and monetary transactions. To this level, even the XPOS and XPASS may feature platforms for charitable donations services.

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Prediction for 2019 Pundi X Price

One of the major breakthroughs for Pundi X in 2019 is the anticipated launch of Function X testnet smartphone which is based on Android OS. Using Proof of Stake (PoS) has been established. Most people would regard Pundi X as the token holder on a monthly basis.  Accordingly, this is leading to more adoption by increasing the number of people. The announced partnership with UAE’s official credit bureau called emCredit, allows the ease of payments across the city. Therefore, it is envisioned that by the end of 2019, Pundi X price might double its current price to  $0.001348. However, other boosts as depicted in Sao Paulo Brazil must be considered. A newsstand activated XPOS for people.

2020 Price Prediction for Pundi X

Newer and even greater heights are envisioned for NPXS in 2020. This might put Pundi X at the world’s largest decentralized cryptocurrency sales following its links with POS devices. Downloads and users might also double by 2020. Plans are underway to accommodate approximately 22,000 devices of Pundi XPOS by the year 2020. This is lending credence to projection that Pundi X might reach $0.002696.

Price Prediction for Pundi X in 5 Years

There are high chances that the price for Pundi X might witness exponential growth in the next half a decade. Merchant adoption may increase manifold following the powering of more festivals by Pundi X such as ULTRA Taiwan. As is the case with offline sales from Walmart, NPXS is in the pipeline of becoming the largest network for offline sales. A tune of $0.0037 by 2023 might help NPXS go up the ranking ladder.