Month: January 2019

Bitmex Trading : How to use?

Bitmex trading : Introduction Today I am going to explain to you, How Bitmex trading platform is working. And how you can follow Bitmex signals from Professionals traders in order to support your research before you opening any position on the exchange. Before you keep going and learn how to use Bitmex platform you should […]

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Telegram Signals: How To Join?

Telegram Signals Introduction What it is all about? Telegram is a platform to communicate with people around the globes. The easiest way to stay connected with Whaleagent is via Telegram, why? We make sure to update our subscribers in the Free signals Telegram channel. How I can get Telegram? Via mobile phone, you simply download […]

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Crypto Signals : How To Use?

Crypto Signals: Introduction Whale agents team Is sharing their Personal cryptocurrency trades and you have to opportunity to watch our trading room in Telegram live and learn. How does WhaleAgents crypto signals work? It’s simple. We have a dedicated team of Researches, Cryptocurrency Analysts and Programs Developers. How do you determine a Alt coin Signal […]

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