Month: May 2019

EOS Huge Gains

EOS came out as quite a surprise. EOS was looking to be quite weak, it was in a tightening pattern alongside the other cryptos, however EOS did have a fake breakout. The high was $6.59 and was broken up to $6.008 but with no continuation and quickly pulled back. Amazingly 2 days later EOS bulls […]

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Bitcoin Breaks Out

Bitcoin finally broke out of the tightening pattern and it was a bull break. After breaking $8280 the price rocket jumped up to $8677 in just 35 minutes and it’s currently in a small consolidation trading at $8480. The bull momentum seems to be great enough for bitcoin to touch or even break $9000. The […]

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Litecoin Breaks Out First

Most of the top cryptocurrencies entered what is known as a tightening pattern with lower highs and higher lows. While most of them are still in this pattern, Litecoin took the lead and broke out of it with follow through action. Yesterday, Litecoin gained 13% and traded as high as $103.9 breaking the resistance at […]

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BNB Lead Bull

BNB still stands as the lead bull in the crypto market and continues making exceptional gains every single day. Currently trading at $31.4 and forming yet another bull flag on the daily chart. BNB barely had any consolidation in the weekly chart and it’s still in the overbought RSI area. The daily chart RSI is […]

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Bitcoin Reclaims $8000

After 2 days of bearish action, Bitcoin jumped right back over the $8000 level and it’s currently trading at $8066. The RSI levels were cooled off a little, however they are now overextended again on the daily chart. Bitcoin found strong support at $6913 and it’s now gaining a lot of momentum enough to break […]

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BNB Holds On Strong

Finally, after several weeks of bullish movement, the market has taken a break and bears jumped right in, some of the top cryptocurrencies experienced 10-15% losses. BNB however saw a much stronger bullish reaction to the recent dip. Trading as low as $23.14 bulls bought the dip and pushed the price back up to $26.86 […]

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XRP Absolutely Explodes

XRP the lagger in the crypto market finally woke up and literally exploded upwards with 25% gains in 1 day and huge volume behind it. Bulls are looking really strong and all the 5 minute dips were bought instantly with 4-5% gains within a few minutes. The weekly time frame seems to have changed the […]

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