Month: July 2020

Navigating BitMEX Calculator

Introduction to BitMEX Calculator The BitMEX Calculator is easy to navigate, essential for user-specific trading fees. It also computes profit/loss for Bitcoin and Ethereum unceasing contracts for the BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Furthermore, the BitMEX fee calculator is fully free to use. What is BitMEX? BitMEX is a platform that lets the investors get their […]

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Bitcoin Price Movement: Bull or Bear?

Bitcoin price consolidates below $9,300. But, would the bitcoin price movement, a bull or a bear? Bitcoin has been on the top rank in cryptocurrency, by market capitalization. After the halving, its price has been playing between $8,600 and $10,500. Recently, there is a sideways action in the previous months, with which the market started […]

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Trader: “Ethereum Hasn’t Won Yet”

If one would examine transaction fees closely, one would realize Ethereum had a rough time these past few weeks. A trader said a reminder: “Ethereum hasn’t won yet.” In the past few weeks, the network has experienced a high number of adoption. For instance, Santiment reported that Ethereum had the highest daily active address count […]

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Flippening of ETH/BTC, More than Half Complete

The flippening of ETH/BTC stands at more than 50% complete. The Blockchain Center, a German website, suggests in their new metric that the long-awaited flippening of ETH/BTC is more than halfway complete. In the Flippening Index, the Ethereum/Bitcoin is currently standing at 53.3%. In the past 18 months, the previous tests show that it is […]

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