Where we trade?

We trade in Binance , Bittrex , Bitmex  when we share an Gem/signal we usually get 5 Approvals from our Chief of Analysts team first. have questions? we want to let you know that we will make it more easier for you and help you along the way with your cryptocurrency journey. We know that cryptocurrency trading is a complicated task. Our mission is to make it more easy for you

What we do?

Cryptocurrency Day trading is time-consuming and hard work. Most of the traders are just gambling. In Whaleagent we enter a Trade only when we are sure in 99% that the ODDS is in our favor. We cut the background Noise, Fake News, False trading advice and provide you with the most accurate “clean” crypto trading calls.

Our Services


AltCoins & Bitcoin Reports

Cryptocurrency Private Reports

Enjoy from the same Cryptocurrency Reports & Research created by our research Specialists. Be 1 step ahead of everyone else. Know exactly which coins going to perform and which are considered as High Risk to Trade with.


Private Consultancy

Do you have a Questions and not so Sure who you should ask? Whale Agent team will take you step by step until you will figure out in which direction you should go in the crypto space.

Trading Signals

You got no time to monitor the market or just feeling that you are losing steering at the charts for too long? Our Specialists doing it for us for years. Now you can Get access to the same team who scanning the market for us. We are sharing our setups with our Premium subscribers on a daily basis.

Why Whale Agent?


We are a team of 3 people. We are in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. We believe that our experience can take your cryptocurrency journey to the next level.


Our proven track record is speaking for ourselves. Our Premium members make 150 to 300 % Monthly just by copy & pasting our trades setups. We are against Signals spamming. Join us and enjoy from High-Quality Picks.

Trading Balance

We know that it’s common for new traders to over-trade and following too many signals at the same time. With us : it will be the less you trade – the more you earn. We are against overtrading.


We never send a Signal nor giving false advice that will lead you to loss your account. We discuss and waiting for Final approval from our Analysts before publishing any Signal.

Supported Exchanges

Monthly Performance Reports

Risk Management

Know exactly where your portfoolio & trades stand. You will stay in control with our monthly reports

Consistent Gains

With us you will make at least 5 to 10 % Per trade. We enter to a trade only when the ODDs in our favor.

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Yearly Hit Rate

💰 Short Term Signals
💲 Long Term Signals
💵 10X Leverage BITMEX

High Performance Signals

10X Potential Alts Investments

24/7 Chat Support & Consult

Bitcoin TA & Market Updates

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₿ecome Premium

Whaleagents  exist since Jun 2018 .  I (Tim) used to manage a room with my Personal analysts. In Jun 2018 I decided to use my own connections & skills in the cryptocurrency space to build my own crypto signals & analysis edge. Now a days I manage a channel with over 4K Members . You can join our Public channel here.

Do know :
We are not a Native English Speakers.  Excuse us for our English. We good with numbers. 

To have a cryptocurrency trading account you are not required to invest any minimum amount of money. you can even start with just 1$ to test the water and see if cryptocurrency trading it’s for you or not. No middle man”s / Broker. You are the one who owns your holdings and you can cash out anytime you want to.  How much capital to start with to make serious gains? 4K would be considered as enough.

You have a questions? you can contact me at Telegram

We DISlike companies who lie. This is why here in Whaleagent we let you know that if you can earn money by following our signals, you can lose too however not as much if you trade by yourself because we know to Manage our risks. We are against signals spamming. If we can’t react to the market because of various conditions we are simply not publishing signals.

We are working with Binance , Bittrex & Bitmex.
Supported paris : USD / USDT / USDC / BITCOIN

Do you want to join us and be few steps before everyone else? Talk to our Bot. Soon as you will finish to register I personally will make a contact with you to grant your Premium access.