Right now, it’s 1975 In Cryptocurrency

At some point in the future when your grandkids visit you, you can either tell them:

1. You MISSED the boat on cryptocurrencies. Insider trading

2. You were an EARLY ADOPTER and made money out of trading cryptos with the Whale Agents.

Dear Crypto Investor / trader

In case that you followed all my signals from April 2 to 30 / 2018, you would not have one loss larger than 14 percent BAT & SEQ. which was the only losers for that specific month. In overall I gave 20 Signals, 2 Losers, 18 Winners. which in total gain produced for our members more than 300% percent in 1 month.  PROOF

Before you start reading, I want you to know. I am not a signals giver to newbies. However, my Talented Analyst can give you this on the free channel or simply follow us on Tradingview if that’s what you are looking for. Or at Telegram – http://t.me/whaleagent .

otherwise, You can pick my insiders, get your own feeling about our pick, Do your own research and utilize it as a backbone of your own investment decisions.

Together with your common sense and simple logic along with my signals —  you will be multiple your investments over and over.

Before you say anything, Please allow me to inform you who I am. I am in the crypto since the middle of 2012. And my Name is Tim. The Idea to create a crypto community that is based in on my daily life business came into my mind in Nov 2016, However. I have started the Whale Agents movement at 2018 January.

Keep in mind that you can always follow Whaleagent Crypto Analysis on Youtube too.

Long story short,  I was sat on my Balcony at Miami Beach and had a conversion with Mike (My financial advisor) about leveraging my business, and some ideas came to my mind, why should not I start a  company in the crypto space and take it on the next level? I already have the right tools; Analysts, market researchers, developers, and powerful connections which are helping me achieving and grow my Revenue Year after year. I had that feeling that something is missing.

So I spoke to myself, ok Tim. You developed the system that you want, now what?. You can offer it as a service to save people money, time, mistakes, leverage your business revenue, create new connections in the crypto space, etc. You see? When I began trading cryptocurrency, I was so confused; there were so many opportunities, a tremendous amount of background noises, fake news, misleading information, greed, fear. I was wondering, How can I be a successful trader if I will not build my own circle of trust? People which I understand that when I take their 2 cents, I can sleep like a fuckin baby at night.

next morning I decided to take Action. I did my research which took 3 Years of my life, interviewed more than 950 Analysts, Market Researchers, Blockchain Developers, journalists I put my hands on the right people at the right time to Built my office,  which is called right now The Whale Agents. We don’t consider our selves as “Whales” since you could always find a more extensive whale than you if you swim deep enough. However, We do see our selves as people who know some shit (excuse me please) about some of the Whales. My talented developer, Quang. From Japan,  which are monitoring more than 246 Whale Wallets activities across the net can testify that for you.

He predicted some moves which helped our subscribers sell at the right time. In the right place.

You see? If you want, I can get you involved. with the same people that Since 2015 August is generated for me numbers which you don’t want to hear.

Now tell me please, What kind of trader you are?

Now tell me please, What kind of trader you are?

Trader X –  Which are following signals channels daily and opening  3-4 positions a day, earn 2/9% daily but losing it all in the long run because he gets too greedy doing it too much steering at the charts candles and getting stressed?


Are you V, or X ? if you are X, you might be landed on the wrong page.

If you are V. You landed on the right page at the right time. And might say YES I am V.

You might be asking, Why do we say the fewer signals you trade the more you earn?

Because simply just like ‘V’ and ‘X’ There are too  kind of guns

  1. Sniper – Which in 3 Shots kill three birds.
  2. Gewehr 41 – Which in 24 Shots kill three birds.


Trader V – Which are following 1/2 signal a week and gain 1000/4500% in the long run. And sleep very well at night simply because HE KNOWS.

We are here to save your bullets. Simply because when the birds come, you will have enough shots in your cartridge to hunt the whale’s dinner.

once we give you a coin before it is pumped — it’s 99% sure cash.

With that said, you must know, however — that won’t last forever — it is just a matter of time if this golden Crypto Age ends. And the clock is ticking.

When the government says insider trading on crypto is illegal, or if calculating coin costs then promoting it becomes contrary to the law.

Thus far it isn’t, and up to now, I will keep share valued information with our subscribers.

Before you determine if you qualify, please notice:

We make a prediction when we got a good call in our hand and that we are investing our money in it. Simply because Our business model is based on the old saying “put your money where your mouth is” and because we are making a living from it.

We do NOT give daily signals.

The key here is not following many signals as you can, the key here is to follow 1 signal that killing it So that you receive our rare signals endorsed by study and in the majority of the times’ insider information.

Are you new in the crypto space?

Simply visit our blog guides. Jane, my assistant made 3 guides which fits all your needs.

You can learn there where to buy your first Bitcoin, and in which exchange you should work with. However, I want you to know, that I am not here to hold your hand. I am here to show you the way.

Enough with the talks

You see? We don’t spread empty promises in the air. We Actually did it in our public Telegram channel a Lot of times. Simply because we believe that we should serve both sides. However, we share stuff with our premium members which are never will be shared in public.

The main reason why we do what we do. Of course, it’s about the money too. But there are some feelings that money can’t buy you. And one of them is that msgs which motivate us to take people from zero to hero.

Became Edward. Not John.

You see? If you want, I can get you involved. with the same people that Since 2015 August is generated for me numbers which you don’t want to hear.

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You are not the only one who joined us.