About VeChain Price and Prediction | 2019, 2020, 2023, 2025

About VeChain (VET)?

VeChain was originally created in 2015 and it’s currently operating in seven offices located inc cities like Paris, Singapore, and/or  Shanghai. VeChainThor is a blockchain intended for a trust-less distributed business ecosystem to enable a transparent information flow. This cryptocurrency uses multiple cases and Vet cap is one of the biggest in the market.

VET provides a secure blockchain infrastructure. It can be used for tracking the quality or authenticity of products, transportation medium, or storage temperature. VET uses RFID and sensors to broadcast real-time information to authorized users like the manufacturer or customer.

VeChain is basically a 3.0 Supply Chain. It uses a smart contract network as the second blockchain layer. It was rebranded and provided service for the financial industry. Each customer/business will be able to run and maintain their own nodes. Private Ecosystem and Individuals are highly benefiting from VeChain’s own nodes.


This way businesses and individuals can easily check the authenticity of goods throught a chain supply. VeChain’s Technology is way far advance. It is already used by areas like Logistics, healthcare, and other industries.

Vechain already has an existing partnership with businesses and firms like Tabacco firm, BMW, and Oxford University. Also, Its product is assigned to a unique ID and fit is to VeChain’s smart chip tracker.

Current Situation of VET

Vechain is currently ranked 33rd by market cap on CMC and enjoys an average volume of $23 million per day. Vechain is currently trading at $0.0044 and has been trading sideways for pretty much all 2019.

The volume has been pretty consistent for the last two months at an average of $25 million per 24 hours. VET has also been consistent when it comes to its BTC pair. Throughout the last 3 months, the VET/BTC pair has been trading more or less sideways.

Predictions for VET in 2019

The outlook for VET seems to be positive, though. The company behind VET has been able to come up with updates on time and VET is one of the few cryptocurrencies that can really say it has real-world applications.


According to TradingBeasts, Vechain will hit $0.0136 by the end of 2019 with an expected maximum price of $0.017. This is certainly quite possible considering all the adoption Vechain is experiencing.


DigitalCoinPrice is placing Vechain at $0.0082 by the end of 2019. It is again a pretty realistic figure certainly on the lower side of predictions. According to DigitalCoinPrice, VET is a profitable investment in the long-term.


Wallet Investor thinks that VeChain won’t be doing good until the end of 2019. The prediction for VET lies at $0.003 by the end of 2019, $0.0014 lower than the current price.

Our Prediction

VET started the year trading at $0.0039 and it’s currently trading at $0.0043 and clearly, the overall trend was positive. The first half of 2019 was great for Vechain but a huge downtrend took place in June and has continued strong ever since.

The daily chart has been in a downtrend for the most part. Although, we have seen periods of small uptrends. VET’s price is currently under both daily EMA’s and the bulls have been unable to reach them since the downtrend started.

About VeChain Price and Prediction

The weekly chart is also in a downtrend and VET is trading way above the 12-day EMA. The RSI is almost overextended which could give bulls a bit of hope in the short term.

Finally, the monthly chart is looking a bit better for the long term. The bulls can still set a higher low compared to $0.00325 and form an Equilibrium Pattern. The monthly uptrend was also followed by a lot of bullish volumes and the recent bearish trend doesn’t have too much volume which indicates a lack of strength for the bears.

About VeChain Price and Prediction

The average price by the end of 2019 is probably going to be around $0.0065

Our Prediction for 2020

Vechain clearly has real-world applications and it’s currently offering solutions for a wide variety of industries. It provides solutions industries like the Digital Carbon Ecosystem, Automobile, Retail, Logistics, and many more.

The team is currently working on what is called ‘Industry 4.0’. A collection of advanced digital technology that includes Big data and analytics like autonomous robots, simulation, horizontal and vertical system integration. The industrial internet of things like cyber-security, the cloud, additive manufacturing and augmented reality. Vechain is planning to be a stepping stone for all of these advanced technologies.

Clearly, the future for Vechain is bright if everything goes according to plan. We could easily see Vechain hit $0.01 or even break the ATH of $0.019.

Our Prediction for 2023

Vechain has been quite stable between 2018 and now. This means that in the future, a steady long-term uptrend will very likely form. The VET will be able to benefit from steady and slow gains. If the VET is able to break the ATH in 2020. The price for 2023 will probably be around $0.08 at an increasing rate of $0.02 per year.

Our Prediction for 2025

Using the same rate, VET would be worth around $0.12 in 2025. However, VET is more likely to blow up by then and achieve much higher prices like $0.5 or even $1 if everything went according to plan.

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