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Cryptocurrency Signals

An Overview of Cryptocurrency Signals   Need to get Crypto exchanging messages all the time? At the point when you purchase the “right” coins, you open the entryway to extraordinary returns, and that is actually where these crypto signals become possibly the most important factor – to assist you with perceiving which digital forms of […]

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Bitcoin Price Movement: Bull or Bear?

Bitcoin price consolidates below $9,300. But, would the bitcoin price movement, a bull or a bear? Bitcoin has been on the top rank in cryptocurrency, by market capitalization. After the halving, its price has been playing between $8,600 and $10,500. Recently, there is a sideways action in the previous months, with which the market started […]

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Node Attack on Bitfury Blockchain-based Voting System

Over the weekend, the node attack on the Bitfury Blockchain-based voting system of Russia swamps reports. Russia prepared for their constitutional amendments through their blockchain-based voting system. However, there were attacks through the election observer’s node. According to TASS, a state-owned news agency of Russia, the attack occurred on June 27. However, the representative of […]

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Blockchain Extends Services in Advertising Industry

Blockchain extends services in the advertising industry, meanwhile, cryptocurrency has been out of the box. Amidst the pandemic and mainstream coverage, cryptocurrency news tops the Google search trends. However, despite its substantial growth, it has been left out of the box. While Blockchain extends services in the advertising industry. It was in 2018 when Facebook, […]

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