‘to explore other options’ after being temp banned by Youtube

Cryptocurrency channels are banned as YouTube continues its purge and its most recent victim is

The latest video uploaded on Reddit by Roger Ver, founder, said that’s YouTube official channel was banned ‘for basically no reason’.



“I suspect probably a bunch of these Bitcoin Core anti-competition maximalists. Falsely reported the video saying It’s a B-Cash scam or some nonsense like that”, He added.

Ver stated that there are a lot of videos on YouTube advertising cryptocurrency or giveaway scams trying to rob people. Some are featuring fake celebrity endorsements from Elon Musk SpaceX channels stealing about $150,000 worth of Bitcoin. Giving the impression that the platform hasn’t been efficient in addressing fraud.

Exploring other options


This is not the first time YouTube takes action against cryptocurrency-related channels by taking them down on its platform. This action had several Youtubers from the related field to complain about its flagging and banning without any proper explanation. This act resulted in a discussion of whether now is the time to consider a decentralized solution against their actions.

After what happened, Ver is now considering to learn more about other content-sharing platforms (, Dtube, and Bitchute) as options. He even asked recommendations for any alternative platforms.

“Now seems like the right time to start exploring other options,” Ver concluded.