Bloomberg Readers Treated to Story About ETH’s SushiSwap

Because of SushiSwap, it’s been quite the past few days for decentralized finance, Ethereum, and the entire crypto industry. SushiSwap played a big part in how protocols complete. Moreover, the project, forked from Uniswap, has also portrayed a huge role in how and if anonymous developers can transact multi-million-dollar protocols. Bloomberg released an article regarding Sushiswap.

It’s not surprising how SushiSwap has managed to attract the attention of mainstream reporters and investors with the unique journey that it has been on.

Bloomberg issued an extensive report on the SushiSwap saga with the title: “Crypto Exchange Gets Millions After Copy-Paste of a Rival’s Code” on Friday. It was likely the first article about DeFi the Bloomberg readers encounter. Thus, many considered it as notable. Moreover, some said it is filled with some inaccuracies about the crypto industry. Thus, the story became quite controversial.

An Article About DeFi And Ethereum’s SushiSwap Just Hit Bloomberg Terminals

On Friday, readers of Bloomberg Terminal and Bloomberg were able to read an extensive story on the SushiSwap debacle.

The recent story tackled how the nature of SushiSwap a “copy-paste” on the original protocol, Uniswap.

This story was presented various times already within the crypto community. However, many still saw this as notable. It was probably because this was the first time other Bloomberg readers and the Wall Street discover this absurdity regarding SushiSwap.

Furthermore, Anthony Sassano, a prominent Ethereum entrepreneur, and investor tweeted regarding the story, a meme.


Wall Street Already Wants in on DeFi

There are institutional investors who have interest in DeFi and Ethereum even though this was likely the first time that Wall Street has encountered SushiSwap.

A user of the Value Investors Club, an online club of pseudonymous investors that accordingly includes hedge fund managers and other money managers, inquired about DeFi. That happened last July.

However, it still not sure how this would translate into price action in this segment of the crypto market.