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Trader: “Ethereum Hasn’t Won Yet”

If one would examine transaction fees closely, one would realize Ethereum had a rough time these past few weeks. A trader said a reminder: “Ethereum hasn’t won yet.” In the past few weeks, the network has experienced a high number of adoption. For instance, Santiment reported that Ethereum had the highest daily active address count […]

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Flippening of ETH/BTC, More than Half Complete

The flippening of ETH/BTC stands at more than 50% complete. The Blockchain Center, a German website, suggests in their new metric that the long-awaited flippening of ETH/BTC is more than halfway complete. In the Flippening Index, the Ethereum/Bitcoin is currently standing at 53.3%. In the past 18 months, the previous tests show that it is […]

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Node Attack on Bitfury Blockchain-based Voting System

Over the weekend, the node attack on the Bitfury Blockchain-based voting system of Russia swamps reports. Russia prepared for their constitutional amendments through their blockchain-based voting system. However, there were attacks through the election observer’s node. According to TASS, a state-owned news agency of Russia, the attack occurred on June 27. However, the representative of […]

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Blockchain Extends Services in Advertising Industry

Blockchain extends services in the advertising industry, meanwhile, cryptocurrency has been out of the box. Amidst the pandemic and mainstream coverage, cryptocurrency news tops the Google search trends. However, despite its substantial growth, it has been left out of the box. While Blockchain extends services in the advertising industry. It was in 2018 when Facebook, […]

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DeFi Platform Balancer Hacked, $500K Vanished

Today, an unidentified user hacked Balancer, a decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity platform. The attackers reportedly managed to steal 500,000 US Dollar worth of Ethereum and other altcoins. Balancer confirmed that on June 29, a hacker stole from them. It affected two pools containing transfer fees, also known as deflationary tokens. A report laid the steps […]

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Bitcoin Empowers Unbanked, Fights Inequality

After observing a miserable failure of traditional financial models and several injustices in the community. Bitcoin empowers unbanked, fights inequality. Today, the unbanked and underbanked lack access to financial knowledge. Most often, only those people with wealth and opportunity can access the resources. It is absurd that not all have adequate access to the basic […]

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