Crypto Signals : How To Use?

Crypto Signals: Introduction

Whale agents team Is sharing their Personal cryptocurrency trades and you have to opportunity to watch our trading room in Telegram live and learn. How does WhaleAgents crypto signals work? It’s simple. We have a dedicated team of Researches, Cryptocurrency Analysts and Programs Developers.

How do you determine an Altcoin Signal?

A Signal can come in various ways to us. Usually, our Dedicated Analysts recognize a pattern and update us via Private telegram group – We discuss the pattern and sharing our Ideas — When we have at least 5 Approvals from our Researchers & Analysts: We update our Premium members about what position we are about to open.

How crypto signal is being shared?

Should be simple. We usually trading on Binance exchange. We share our Entry, and EXIT + Stoploss price. Usually 5 to 10%. Depends on the market and on our Coin Signal.

Signals Robot

Quang — Our Developer is working 24/7 on Bots that will recognize patterns that usually cause to spikes in Altcoins. – We always take it a piece of advice because robots cannot determine better than humans. That’s why we first let our Analysts investigate each and one signal from our bot in order to make sure our position will be super accurate Patterns Followed by our Robots: Change in volume. Changes in interest rates. Technical patterns. Beginning and ends of cycles

Example of WhaleAgent Powerful Signal

In this example; You can see a signal from our Premium Telegram room. We made a 25% profit in just a couple of days.


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