Price Prediction 2019 for Ethereum – ETH Price May Touch $1450 In 2019

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019  – ETH Price May Touch $1450 In 2019

According to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, ConsenSys, smart contracts and ICOs, Ethereum is performing better than Bitcoin. Recently, an Ethereum mining pool called Sparkpool received a whooping payment of 2,000 just for mining one block. There was also recent launching of first pre-release as it transits to Ethereum 2.0 termed Serenity which is intended to make Ethereum faster. It is anticipate to come to completion in 2021. In addition to this, Ethereum has also established ad-free blockchain called EnjinX which will boost the market availability of Ethereum.ethereum price

Ethereum Metropilis which is consisting of Byzantium and Constantinople launched in the January 2019 are direct boost to the success of the company and are projected to translate into more success. There is also going to be fork upgrade late February of 2019. During TechCrunch Sessions Blockchain event which was held in Switzerland, Vitalik Buterin commented that there is enhanced demand for using public blockchains and there is need for better stability to meet the demand.

With the launch of HTC Blockchain Phone Exodus which is only using Bitcoin and Ethereum, and has been made available for purchase, 2019 seems to be very bright for the company. According to Joseph Lubin who is a co-creator of Ethereum and the sole founder of ConsenSys, the going down of the price is not a big deal considering the high rate of adoption of the system. There are a lot of interest among the cryptizens to embrace Ethereum which has led to its market capitalization to reach $10.5 billion. This is following availability of 104,739,371 ETH being in circulation.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

This is a cryptocurrency platform which was created by Vitalik Buterin and shares the second largest share in market capitalization. It is supporting a number of other cryptocurrencies to exist without additional need to build their own blockchain technology. With a few stated conditions to be met, Ethereum enables developers to build smart contracts at accomplish tasks automatically.

The major two functions of Ethereum therefore include ensuring that things are running smoothly and paying people under smart contracts platforms.

2019 Market prediction for Ethereum price

Considering that the market has been quite volatile of late, prediction of pricing for cryptocurrencies is not an easy duty. There are however some eminent personalities and publications which can be considered to give fair idea of the trend.

  • Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 according to Joseph Raczynski

By the end of 2019, the price of ETH is predicted to reach $1200 according to Joseph Raczynski who is the founder of Joe who also sums up to be a block chain enthusiast with 153 thousand followers on twitter. He is very optimistic and terms ETH network as one of largest developer community and rich in the best concept popular among other institutional investors.

  • Ian McLeod Ethereum Price Prediction

This is a well-experienced technology expert working with Thomas Crown Art. He is making a prediction that ETH might hit the high of $500 by 2019 and this is ascribed to possible monumental breakthrough. He even envisions BTC losing 50% of its crypto to ETH in the next half decade time.

  • Nigel Green Ethereum Price Prediction

Nigel is the current CEO of one of the leading International Financial Consulting firms and is putting ETH to reach above $2500 by 2019. According to him, there are about three tangible reasons behind the success: more platforms which will be used for trading, enhanced demand for digital currencies and increase in smart contracts usage and cloud computing decentralization.

  • Trading Beasts Ethereum Price Prediction

This is a website which has given a more conservative yet probably the most realistic one. The site projects that the price might hit the high of $908 and the mean of about $650 by the end of 2019.

  • Brian Schuster Ethereum Price Prediction

Unimaginable prediction in the next five years for ETH is given by the Ark Capital LLC CEO, Brian Schuster. He is envisioning that the price of ETH will reach $100,000 and the company may end up replacing gold with crypto.

Our verdict on Ethereum price prediction

As opposed to 2018 when ETH witnessed downward trend in the price, it is most likely that in 2019 things will be better for the company and may reach the high of $1400 considering the planned growth and development in ETH roadmap. With the dumping of digital asset on crypto exchange market, block chain projects allowed for creation of dominion effect across the major exchanges worldwide which is a plus to ETH.

There is also likelihood of implementation of Ethereum 1x which comes in as upgrade in the Ethereum network following Devcon4 meeting summoned last year. The meeting was also attended by Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. This is likely to give more thrust to the growth of the company in 2019.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019

It is hypothesized that in 2019, the company will take an upward turn in price. There are predictions of mass adoption of the cryptocurrency in the months to come. Even though the price might face ups and downs in the early quarters of the year, during the third quarter, there is projected high growth rate all the way from $484 during the month of July to $1449.89 by the end of 2019.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2020

The year 2020 will not only be remarkable to Ethereum but also to other cryptocurrencies as well. During the first quarter of 2020, the price will be dwindling around $1929 in the month of January to $2100 later on. The peak will be reached in the second quarter to the level of $2600 which will then be followed by decline to around $2480.

Prediction of Ethereum Price in the next 5 years.

Based on predictions as well as model algorithms, the price of 1 ETH will be about $3844 by the year 2023. This is making it one of the safest places one can invest in currently. However, considering the tremendous increase in the price of ETH in the past few months, there may be some decline in the short term though that may change soon. This will give a better pricing in the long terms hence better returns for the investors.

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