HoloTroopers Unphazed As Holo (HOT) Loses Heat!

After two consecutive peaks, it appears HoloTroopers token (HOT) has found itself in the clutches of a classic double top trend reversal pattern.

Ever since it was introduced to open markets, HOT has invariably suffered many negative consequences stemming from its huge supply. At the time of writing, HOT prices have slid by 6.69% in the last 24 hours — A price correction that has been widely predicted by market analysts.

HoloTroopers Unphazed As Holo (HOT) Loses Heat!

The current market capitalization for HOT stands at $147.8 million (USD) — A number that may soon fall below $100m as the current market movements indicate a possible trend reversal in sight. According to the current trading channel, this upcoming reversal may knock the market capitalization back down to under $100m.

It is important to note that ever since HOT first entered the market in May 2018, it has moved up from its original price of 0.000733 USD/HOT to 0.00111 USD/HOT currently, achieving a roughly 51% gain in value.

Overall traders are optimistic about the token’s price appreciation with the short term swings of the HOT prices considered a temporary concern by much of the dedicated Holo community, known as the HoloTroopers.

The community behind the project remains excited about the prospects of the underlying Holochain framework and the proposed native hosting service, Holo.

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