How I Watch Bitmex Whale Moves Closely

How to Spot Bitmex Whales Moves

Today, Vika – our research crypto research specialist found something interesting about Bitmex.

She noticed that you can see anonymously which
Bitmex Market maker is in the Top25 Leaderboard. And, She also found
a website that locates them & analyzes their BTC earnings / loses.

This is not new for experienced traders. However; Vika told me that this information can be extremely useful for newcomers to Bitmex margin trading. So I followed her advice and decided to write about it. Because Whaleagent Audience Education is extremely important to me.


in Coinfarm Bitmex Rank, you can see the TOP 25 Traders spots and around 5-7 traders that are not active at all.

Bitmex Traders ranking
Bitmex Traders ranking

We can see that spots 1,2,3 managed to earn 121 BTC when we combine them all together. This is a table that every trader should keep a close eye on in order
to recognize Market manipulations by Whales. At the same time; you should keep in mind that this Information is coming too late sometimes. However, We a little bit
of creative thinking you can optimize this table to be more accurate.

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