Whaleagents 2019 BTC Highlights (Premium)

From a technical perspective, 2019 has been a much simpler year than 2018.

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From a technical perspective, 2019 has been a much simpler year than 2018.

We had an accumulation period around $3000-4000, followed by a parabolic run into $14,000, and finally a correction into 0.618fib level sitting at $7000.

(This article doesn’t include Altcoin signals, nor small time-frame BTC signals)

For starters, you can view our entire signals history here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v1j51-bispZzZhv8ST62QU3in9xhsEE1YPZLI6eWKOQ/edit#gid=1567525671 (The list is updated ive*)

As a plus, we also remind you of the existence of our open chatroom. Feel free to discuss with our other members: https://telegramchannels.me/groups/whaletankchat

*In January 7, 2019*

Our first signal on Bitcoin,

We took advantage of the support/resistance concept during the accumulation period to make gains.

(Tons of small trades have been done throughout this period)

(You can view all of our trades performance here: Link )

*January 14, 2019*

A similar trade

We kept monitoring and updating each trade, live, on our channel. However, note that changes can sometimes be made during the trade:

*All of our leveraged trades are given with a risk calculator we have implemented on our site: https://whaletank.trade/account#/risk-management

*January 20, 2019*

We have successfully predicted the bottom of the bear market!

During February, we were focusing on a very small gap between support/resistance.

*March 20, 2019 / Market Update*

*March 26, 2019* – We made it clear for our members that they should only hold long positions.

*April 1, 2019*

We expected a breakout!

And what happened next?

*Another update from April 10, 2019

*April 15, 2019*

A small drop back into $5000 level created a shakeout across the market. Needless to say, part of our job is to calm our members down in such cases of market fake-outs. So we did.

*May 5, 2019*

In May we became bearish again. The chart suggested that the bullish momentum was fading, and we made a call to go short – it was a mistake.

But still, we had our suspicions. We then mentioned in our update, that if this “call to go short” fails, bear market will officially be over. Surely enough, we hit the nail right in the spot.

*May 12, 2019*

Our previous signal SL has reached and we declared a new bullish era has begun.

As seen in the chart we posted once we hit $7000, back in May 12, we predicted the top of the bullish momentum perfectly. All of that was due to a slight miscalculation of the correction, and not taking into account the strong parabolic move that occurred, as it is a very rare event.

*June 27, 2019*

We hit the top on our previous chart and posted our next prediction. Note: A correction into $6800 was on its way.

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