2019 Ripple Crypto (XRP) Price Prediction: XRP to Reach 1.20 USD

Against the bloodbath in the cryptocurrency, Ripple Crypto (XRP) has continued to stay quite stable. There has been recent announcement by Swift, which is major competitor of XRP to join R3. Not long ago, through Corda settler product, R3 managed to make XRP the first ever available cryptocurrency. In addition to that, there are intentions by Ripple to join the gaming industry.Ripple crypto

It is envisioned that XRP might kick off from early 2019 due to its eminent prowess compared to other cryptos during volatility times. This is further supported by the recent poll on twitter which suggested higher gains in 2019. As an effort to expand to China, Ripple Crypto (XRP) has established an office in Shanghai. Being more of a protocol than digital currency, Ripple is aiming at better transfer of money across the globe. Distributed ledger technology, among other advancements in Ripple, has expanded globally. Through partnership and collaborations, Ripples has allowed Euro Exim Bank to use its xRapid service. This is further supported by the willingness of the Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, to enhance use of xRapid across financial institutions. The current financial and banking network of Ripple has reached out to more than 150 clients thus enhancing trust following boosted cross-border payments, more security and ease of the processes.

Ripple technology is the process behind the MoU between Japan’s MUFG Bank and Brazilian’s Banco Bradesco to enhance cross-border payment. Through the anticipated ties with Apple, the price of Ripple may witness a considerable rise in 2019. The implication is the possibility of the ripple holders to cash even their holding hence elevating the credibility of Ripple and increasing the number of investors. Not the least is the enhancement of credibility all over the cryptocurrency arena following such a tie-up.

By joining Ripple’s block-chain based payment, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) recently announced the launch of NBK direct remit to enhance instant cross-border payments. Even though the remittance may start with Jordon, there are plans to expand to Paris China, UAE London, Bahrain and Egypt to mention but a few. To help in tackling liquidity issues, Ripple is consistently recruiting new clients of high reputation in the banking industry such as American Express, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, MUFG and Santander.

What is Ripple Crypto (XRP) ?

There has been observable price increase in Ripple coin in the last year with more payment providers coming in in line with the consensus mechanism at Ripple. The protocol used at Ripple increase integrity by account balance validation procedures which has potential of blocking malicious entries. Some of the products recently released and have been shown to boost position of XRP in the blockchain network include xCurrent, xRapid and xVia.

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Benefits of Ripple

Compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, transaction speed and the cost is much less at Ripple. Further, the coins at Ripple were all released at once hence no need of mining since all XRPs are in circulation.

2019 Market Prediction for XRP Price

Volatility of the market is making prediction of cryptocurrency pricing very difficult. However, there are eminent publications and personalities who have developed projections regarding Ripple (XRP). The following are some of their statements.

  • Roman Guelfi XRP Price Prediction

This is a highly respected figure when it comes to cryptocurrency pricing and is projecting better year for XRP in 2019 characterized with achievement of bigger milestones. He forecasts increase in projects in the crypticurrency arena which may make some of the existing currencies to withdraw hence chance for Ripple to scale the ladder higher.

  • Ripple Coin News XRP Price Prediction

Addition of partnerships and technologies in 2019 are seen by Ripple Coin News as opportunity to get out of thorny bed and flourish. This has the possibility of surging the price higher to between eight and ten dollars.

  • Investing Haven XRP Price Prediction

This is one of the reputable sites when it comes to cryptocurrency. It is putting the figure at $20 for Ripple by the end of 2019 due to the wealth of potential at Ripple (XRP) compared to other cryptos.

  • UsLifted XRP Price Prediction

This is a site which is also forecasting a better future for Ripple (XRP) at $22.79 by 2020. This is a projection following the possibility of circulating supply of 38,739,145,924 XRP.

  • Oracle Times Price Prediction

This site is envisioning a skyrocketing rise by Ripple (XRP) to 2000%. This they peg to the possibility of Ripple being the best choice for financial institutions in cross-border payments. It estimates cross-border transactions to hit the whooping $9.8 trillion.

Our Verdict: The Realistic Prediction for Ripple Crypto (XRP) Price

The RippleNet which is allowing for bank-bank transaction is the backbone of Ripple (XRP). This is expected to grow beyond the $2 million witnessed in 2018 with high chances of doubling in 2019 especially in market inflows. As it grows to reach its unique network, there is desire to converge Ripple into one stack. These efforts and procedures may make Ripple to stand out tall among other digital currencies in 2019 and hit the $1.20 mark on the lower side with possibility of hitting $2 at most.

2019 XRP Price Prediction

It is envisaged that by kicking off the year 2019 at $0.78, Ripple Crypto (XRP) may reach $1.1 by mid-2019 and $1.20 by the end of 2019 through its independent trading platforms like those of bitcoin and Ethereum. With its current Codius, Ripple may support developers to write smart contracts and apps such as Xpring which allow for investment in startups related to Ripple (XRP). With the launch of Cobalt which is scheduled for 2019, the transaction speed will be reduced from 4 seconds to 1 second. There are plans to distribute 2 billion tokens to Indian population and XRP had the chance of overtaking Ethereum if it would have been enlisted in Coinbase during its peak.

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2020 XRP Price Prediction

With high amount of supply and envisaged 2020 as the year of cryptocurrencies, XRP will not be left behind. However, the first quarter of 2020 might witness some instability with ups and lows. However, with possible linking of such partners of Ripple as American Express and Lian Lian Group to compete effectively with Chinese card payments, by the end of 2020, XRP would be around $1.40 and 1.50.

Price Prediction for XRP in 5 Years

By leveraging on forecasts and algorithmic analyses, the most probable price of 1 Ripple Crypto (XRP) would be $4.52 come 2023. This figure may be higher considering the anticipated partnership between Ripple (XRP) and American Banks. Therefore, the overall point is that the price of Ripple is expected to be on a positive gradient in the next 5 years.

*This price prediction is based on the data research from various sources online. It should not be considered as an investment parameter and the client/user should do their own research before putting their money in it.