Skycoin Price Tending Towards $6.82 in 2019

Price Prediction 2019 for Skycoin – Skycoin Price Tending Towards $6.82 in 2019Skycoin Price

Skycoin is one company that is making decentralized payments free and in a matter of seconds which is rivaling other well-established networks or e-wallets across the globe. The company has made a scalable protocol that will help the nextgen in making payments and services via apps. The users will also be in a position to enjoy the second accuracy of Coin Hours thus ensured stability.

SKY started 2019 on a very positive high note following the announcement of Skycoin which is fundamental for growth and development throughout the community. As an effort to streamline Skyminers and DIY, a new procedure for testnet whitelisting has been established lately. As a third-generation blockchain, Skycoin is capable of fixing security issues of other networks and decouple creation of the coin from other mining processes.

What is Skycoin (SKY)?

Introduced in 2011 by early bitcoin and Ethereum developers, Skycoin introduced a Web-Of-Trust protocol called Obelisk to address the original drawbacks of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. The practical usage of the protocol is drawing from its innovative next-generation blockchain equipped with broad bandwidth. As opposed to Bitcoin today, Skycoin does not go by mining hence saving the power of the user from existing large mining pools.

With SKY’s price being down today by 2.4%, the current trading of Skycoin is $1.0457. However, with 13,056,911 sky circulating currently, the market cap of Skycoin is $13,654,031. The price range during the last 24 hours depicts a low of $0.9808 and a high of $1.0141.

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Prediction of Market for Skycoin By Experts

Being considered by most of the experts as the coins with the highest potential to scale the ladder higher, speculation on its future can go unnoticed. Here is a closer look at a sample of experts:

  • Trading Beasts

This is one of the cryptocurrency prediction sites. It has given predictions on both possible extreme scenarios. By the close of 2019, the company predicts that Skycoin might hit the high of $7.65 and the worst scenario is $5.20.

  • Crypto Ground

As opposed to Trading Beasts, this site is very optimistic concerning the future of Skycoin. It is suggesting that the company might hit $$8.2546 in a year’s time and the possibility of whooping $48.93 by the end of the fifth year from now.

  • Coin Fan

Unbelievable projection by this site is that the price of Skycoin will hit $43.35 by the end of 2019. However, in case of the worst scenario, the company is forecasting a low of $32.04.

  • Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is the only site so far that has projected a terrible drop in the value for Skycoin placing it at $0.153 by the end of the year 2019. This is extremely least likely event though.

Skycoin Price Prediction 2019 According to Our Verdict

One prospect of Skycoin is to adopt Coinjoin protocol which might enable a combination of a range of transactions and feature anonymity as well as privacy of unparalleled magnitude. The high communication protocols which embrace Multiprotocol level also enable an enhanced scalable approach in data transfer. Considering that the company may continue harnessing on the wealth of hardware and software, by the end of 2019, we envision with a high level of accuracy that Skycoin might hit $6.82.

2019 Skycoin Price Prediction

Skycoin has launched a hardware store to support the operation of the Skywire network to support traffic forwarding payments. There is even proposed availability of hardware wallets as early as the end of 2019. The efforts to make long-range products available at the stores may enable the expansion of the network of followers. Further, there is the Sky store initiative of SKY which is an indicator of dedication towards the decentralization of real-world solutions on the web. Therefore, by the end of 2019, the SKY is set for a range of developments and has the chance of reaching $6.82.

2020 Skycoin Price Prediction

A crypto enthusiast and advocate called John McAfee hinted about his intention to use SKY during his 2020 presidential campaign in the United States of America. This is especially so through the use of Skycoin’s BBS, which is a social media app. In fact, the aim of Skycoin BBS is to become a viable alternative to the social media giants of the day. This can be made possible through the Skywire which is a flagship application and internet platform. The platform is having about 9000 nodes. Overall, it spread across the world which receives as well as send internet traffic. Considering all this, by 2020, the aim of the SKY is high and might reach $17.07.

Prediction of Skycoin Future Price In 5 Years

Suggestion from Skycoin price prediction points towards the rise of 2834.786124% in SKY price value within a 5-year investment. Accordingly, by 2023, the forecasted price of Skycoin is lying at $30.69.

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