Trading Signals with Exchange Valet


Today I would like to talk with you about the proper way to trade signals.

When we share signals at Whaleagents we usually give you Targets. and most of the time, it’s a time-consuming task to spread your orders using the Exchange GUI at Binance and you can also get rekt easy. and you don’t have the options that Exchange valet tool is can offer you.

How this trading method can benefit you?

  1. Set multiple sell targets (T1,T2,T3)
  2. Set a specific percentage for each trade – super useful for risk management.
  3. Get instant notification when order triggers (Sell/Buy)
  4. Track your portfolio on Autopilot

Step 1

Go over Exchange Valet and register for 14 days free trial. (Credit card not needed)

Step 2:

Watch the Whaleagent trading channel for a signal and follow the targets; usually, we share 2 Targets and Stoploss.

Our targets are:

  • T1 – 3%
  • T2 – 5%
  • SL: -7or 10%

This is how you can configure your trade when you following a signal from Whaleagent.

Step 3

Install the Exchange Valet app and enter your desired coin that you want to place your order for.

You will see an option ”Choose market”: This is where you choose the desired coin you want to buy.

Now click on ”Additional Options” below the type order and you will be able to apply the perfect setup for your trade.

In Whaleagent public channel, we hare short-term swing trades so you can earn 3-5% per trade.unlike the Premium channel where we share long-term gems (15/20% Per trade)

Anyways, let’s get back to our setup. Now you know that the public channel signals are usually

Click on Additional options

Now you will see the options.

Buy with % – We don’t want to risk our entire capital. So we use just 10% per trade.

Set stop-loss – 10% Like we usually use at Whaleagent

Set take profit – 3%

Multiple Sell Targets

Now if you want to set Multiple sell orders: Simply click on Speed trade and the windows will pop up. Just configure it the way you want.


Portfolio Tracking

The exchange Valet application is giving you the benefit to track your holdings in real-time. so you don’t have to add trades to your app manually. Isn’t that amazing?

Get to know exactly how much you hold from a specific coin with the pie model chart.

Order Notifications

Get push-notifications alerts in real-time and get to know whats going on with your trades 24/7. In Telegram and also at exchange valet application.


Exchange valet application can give you a serious edge over other traders who don’t have the options that the regular exchange GUI offer. Customize your trades the way you like – and start earning.