Ways to Fix When Coinbase Buys Are Disabled for Three Reasons

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is known as the world’s easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. They are a regulated exchange. Thus, it is a given for them to be very careful about who they will let to buy crypto. Have your buys experienced being disabled on your Coinbase account? In this tutorial, you will know 3 reasons why your buy might be disabled. More importantly, you will be presented with ways to fix it when you encounter those problems.

3 Reasons Why Coinbase Buys Are Disabled; Ways to fix it

Below are the most common reasons your buys on Coinbase crypto exchange might be disabled.

  1. Identification or ID

In serving their customers in the right way, Coinbase is required to make sure they know who the users are. In order to carry this out, they do standard ID checks every time a user opens an account.

What would you need to do?

All you have to do is to make sure that the ID you used to sign up is the same as the payment method you are using. For instance, you signed up and was verified as Anne Smith but you tried to use Rhenly Smith’s credit card. In this case, you might be banned from buying on Coinbase.

  1. Chargebacks

Coinbase might disable your account from purchasing crypto if they got chargebacks from your account on the previous trades.

What would you need to do?

To solve this problem, you would need to change your payment method. After that, you can contact the Coinbase Support to give them a heads up.

  1. Limits

For each account, Coinbase has different limit levels. These limits determine the amount of crypto a user can buy or sell within a certain time frame. Usually, this limit increases when you purchase more crypto on Coinbase. If you have reached your limit, you might be disabled from buying further on Coinbase.

What would you need to do?

You can go to your ‘Account’ and then click the ‘Limits’ to keep an eye and to know if you are already over your limit.