’s Governance Token Rebounds from Recent Selloff

In the weeks after its intense rally to all-time highs of over $40,000,’s price has been in chaos. Moreover, the Yearn ecosystem’s governance token has been consolidating from the recent selloff. Both sellers and buyers were not able to spark any sustained trend.

The reason for this may be the fact that YFI is being viewed and traded as an index bet for the entire DeFi sector. Moreover, in recent weeks, it has been stagnating in terms of its growth. Unless the aggregated market can begin moving higher, this sideways trading of the token may continue.

Ne certain analyst is saying that it will be able to see further parabolic upside in the coming days and weeks because its latest 3-day candle close was incredibly bullish. (YFI) Posts Bullish 3-Day Close as Analysts Eye Parabolic Upside

As of the moment,’s governance is trading down marginally with the current price of $31,800.

This commemorates a notable upswing from daily lows of under $29,000. It was set during an intense selloff overnight. The selloff happened after its price went at highs of $34,000.

This decline also happened to ETH and BTC. However, there is the fact that the bulls are underpinned by serious strength as indicated by the intensity of the recovery.

It possible that $34,000 may keep acting as a resistance level in the near future. Moreover, the bulls may be able to drive its price up towards its all-time highs of over $40,000 if they can overcome this price region.

The firm fundamental support people should keep their eyes on sits on $20,000. This would be possible as long as this level keeps holding strong.

Analyst: YFI Poised to Go Parabolic… Again…

In a recent, one trader shared that’s previous 3-day close was indeed bullish. He further said that for him, it suggests that a major push higher is imminent in the near-term.


This week could be a positive one for the entire DeFi sector if YFI pushes higher in the coming days. It is because it may lead to other tokens to go significantly higher as well.